A Survey Request

If you’d like to help Manuel with a paper he is writing for school, and you are female, please participate in this short survey here about the bonds mothers have with their children. Thank you for your time.

Special Days

In support of Naran and Manuel C Salas I am requesting all my friends and supporters and anyone who wants to make the world a better place to please take part in the holidays listed below. I love all animals and believe they should have special days just as humans do.

April 19, 2013 World Wide Hug Someone (i.e. friend, a person you see with their pets, a family member or anyone you want) Day.

June 4, 2013 For my birthday, get something special, like a magazine subscription to modern dog or cat for you and your kids.

June 21, 2013 (Summer Sosltice) Give Your Kids (Animals) a Hug Day.

August 17, 2013 Take Your Kids(Animals) Somewhere Special Day.

December 21, 2013 (Winter Solstice) Support the earth not only in support of NARAN and me, but for everyone who fights for the earth by getting a subscription to the Earth First Journal.

In Loving Memory of Baltimore Blum

In loving memory of Baltimore Blum by Manuel C Salas

I shed tears today
It was for you Baltimore Blum
Beacause I have been there
Not with you but with others
Helped free animal friends and
Labeled by some a terrorist
For exposing the conditions
They keep our friends like you
In for only one reason
And that is to make
A profit of torturing
And oppressing. Not only are
Friends suffering we
Do too and your human mommy
Loved you I know she
Did because she put
Herself in danger
For you now if that
Is not love than
I do not know
What love is. I’m glad
You were rescued and
Given a loving home
We will miss you.

It’s crazy how things come to me, but reading about Baltimore got me thinking after reading the story about him and my sister going to court for the animals, why would the government try and make us into something we are not. Terrorist with a federal act.
If 1) they were not getting some kind of profit off the torture of the animals we try and sometimes do set free, or 2) they do not want the companies to stop supporting the policial ways, or 3) they know what’s going on and want people to keep getting sick by the food,s and to keep medical costs high and people in need of them, do your homework and you will know why. Not one time in any of my acts of activism have I hurt anyone human or any animal, the same with other activists I know, but still they try to use the T word on us and hide true facts of terrorism by companies and other people that oppress the animals and get away with it because they are helpin the government to make money

What is it going to take for people to see what’s going on? There are hundres of exposees there is no reason why people should still allow themselves to be blind to the facts of injustices. Is life worth living if we are only lifving a life supporting mass torture and injustices for profe? Is life worth living if you know the facts and then turn a blind eye to them because you would rather not give up what was told to you as a lie. Yes it’s true, we do not need animal products to survive. Do your homework and you will know this. I write about this all the time, an so have others.

Love to you Baltimore Blum know lots of people loved you and still love you and fight hard for changes in the injustice.

With love from all my heart,

Manuel C salas
Animal Rights Activist & Founder of NARAN

On Sending Books

Manuel recently had some problems receiving a book that was sent to him. All books that are sent to inmates must be shipped with a printed receipt of purchase, and the book that was sent did not come with such a receipt. The DOC did not allow Manuel to get the book, and gave him a very small window of time to have a receipt produced. One was not received in time, and the book was then discarded.

Anyone who wishes to send Manuel a book or magazine, it is best to order one from a mail-order bookstore and have it shipped directly to him to insure that a receipt gets included with the literature. Also, all books have to be SOFTCOVER only. Thanks so much.

A Special Day for Your Animal Companions

My Name is Manuel C Salas, founder of NARAN. A few people asked me if I ever had any request for anything and I want to make the following request.

On September 4th, 2012 I’d like a national day of take your kids (pets) somewhere special. Outside to the park, to the store to get them some special treats, or get your dogs the book “The Simple Little Vegan Dog Book, Cruelty-free Recipes for Canines” by Michelle A Rivera & make them yourself to me.
It is sad to me that I’m away from the animals I love and fight for, and if I cannot do something for the animals I request that people who can take the time and give your kids (pets) some special time just for me.

Thank you, with love
Manuel C Salas
Animal Rights Activist

To Those Awaiting Return Letters

Manuel writes to let others know to be patient while he adjusts to the realities of being transferred:

I write this to apologize that i have not been able to get all my papers in order yet. I am still working on my change-of-address letters. The Wisconsin DOC is trying to get me to stop me in every way they can. But I’m not stopping my mail, my legal work, and everything I do. The animals are my love and I will not stop fighting for them!

To Jeni and Joe, I received your letters the day before I write this update and wanted you to know I’m Going to send you a ltter as soon as I can. I just can’t do it until I get some stamps to do so, but please do not send any to me as I can only get them from a supply store the DOC allows us to get them from.

Sincerely, Manuel C. Salas

P.S. Jeni, I know you say you travel nearly constantly, but I’m going to be sending you a letter to the address on the envelope soon. I hope you get it. If you have an address you know where you will always get your mail please let me know. Keep your head up. –Salas

Salas Transferred Again in Retaliation

On March 29, 2012, Manuel C. Salas was transferred back to the Columbia Correctional Institution (CCI) in Portage, Wisconsin, where he originally was serving his sentence. There was no explanation given to him as to the reason for his move, but it is clear that this was done in retaliation for his efforts to bring to light the injustices he was suffering from in the Waupun Correctional Institution (WCI) as well as the work he was undertaking to improve the conditions of other inmates there. It is telling that directly after a member of the outside public asked questions to the authorities of the Wisconsin State Department of Corrections and the warden of the WCI regarding Manuel’s conditions there, he was subsequently transferred.

As Manuel writes:

I was told “You’re being being moved, you have to see the movement officers.” I see them on March 26, 2012 after speaking with the unit social worker. After that I’m moved to CCI on March 29, 2012 with no explanation.

I do not know what to say but I’m mad and at a loss for words. I did over a year at WCI prison in Waupun and now I’m moved back to CCI, still in Wisconsin. When I got my property back I saw that they wanted to make me mad and harass me by mixing it all up; nothing was in envelopes as it was when I packed up to move and I’m slowly finding letters, magazines, and newspapers that were never given to me but rather just placed in my property that they held and just left there. I had asked the property officer when I was at WCI about missing letters but was told nothing came in. It shows that my work got to them.

The Wisconsin DOC hates when an inmate makes them change their policy for the better of inmates which I have done. I am still working on things that need to be changed. Not a lot of inmates stand up for their rights so when I do the DOC finds a way to try and make me mad or stop me.

It is also funny how the DOC will rally and cry about what’s going on but the truth is that they only want to make more money for abusing their prisoners locked up in this torture camp. 95-98% of Wisconsin inmates do nothing to stand up for their rights and the ones like me that do get harassed daily, get moved around, mail gets held by staff, denied food, and more.

And now again I go through a big problem; I had my vegan diet at WCI and I also had it before at CCI, but now that I’m back I write to get it back and the games begin all over again. 5 days in this prison and I still do not have my vegan food, and my health is suffering because. There is no reason I should not be getting my vegan food. The only reason I am not is because the DOC wants to harass me, stop me from my activism, and wants me dead if at all possible, among other reasons, but my activism is not going to stop no matter what happens.

This is a small update on what’s going on with me and I hope people I have not responded to because of the DOC’s holding of my mail can accept my apologies and know it was not because I did not want to, it was because I could not respond or I did not get your letter.

April 6, 2012 Update: I did get my vegan diet somewhat fixed–not all the way, but the first bag they give me for dinner on the 6th is not good and I can see that if this keeps up I’m going to have more medical problems due to it being nutritionally inadequate. Among the obvious problems, the staff gave me jelly with gelatin in it, so I can’t eat that, so I made them do some work and will be doing what I have to do to try and get things in order. I see they want to keep playing games so I’m going to fight back. If I die, love to all the animals–it is you that I fight for.

Manuel C. Salas
Animal Rights Activist

A Birthday Wish

I have a request for my birthday coming up; it is for a national day of take your pet somewhere special and give them all the hugs for me. I’m in prison and nothing would make me happier than if all pets could have a special day just for them for me.

Salas Transferred back to CCI

We have just received word that Manuel Salas has been transferred back to the Columbia Correctional Institution where he originally was serving out his sentence.  The address is Columbia Correctional Institution, P.O. Box 950 Portage, WI 53901-0950. His inmate ID remains the same: #504212

He still wishes to have a demonstration by supporters on April 19th at the Waupun facility in Wisconsin to protest against the treatment he has received there. Any interested parties can write to him at the above address or contact the vegan prisoner support team here at vips [at] narn [dot] org.

Vegan Diet Impacts California Prison

Originally published in Vegetarian Spotlight January 2011, issue 1

California prison adopts vegan vegetarian menu and sees amazing results

San Bernardino County, CA — In the late 90’s, amid rising crime rates and finite lockup space, the private prison industry was looking like a pretty lucrative business opportunity for anyone who could take advantage. Having received a dire report from Georgia-based prison design firm Rosser International Inc., San Bernardino County was expecting a shortfall in inmate beds and a doubling of their inmate population by the year 2020. Against this background, the County began accepting bids for a 500-inmate private prison.

Terry Mooreland, CEO of Maranatha Private Corrections LLC was among the individuals who bid on the project. There was only one catch. Mooreland’s bid included a stipulation that if he was awarded the bid, inmates serving sentences at his facility would be offered a vegan diet.

As fate would have it, Mooreland won the bid and in 1997 began to build what became the Victor Valley Medium Community Correctional Facility in Adelanto, California; which is about 120 miles northeast of Los Angeles. Once operational, this facility saw remarkable results for seven years, before a dispute over inmate phone revenue led the State of California to cancel their contract with Mooreland.

It is unbelievable that something as silly as phone revenue could cause a State to end one of the most remarkable prison success programs in the country, where inmates got out and stayed out. At the time, the State of California had a recidivism rate of 95%. This is the percentage of former prisoners who are rearrested. The Victor Valley facility enjoyed a recidivism rate of less than 2%.

So, what was the key factor behind this success? A vegan diet.

Upon arrival, new inmates attended an orientation where they received two clear choices. They could live on one side of the prison which operated using the standard California Department of Corrections (CDC) guidelines and food menus; or, they could live on the side of the prison operated under the “NEWSTART” program which included a vegan diet, bible studies, job training and anger management.

In a video-taped interview obtained by Vegetarian Spotlight, Victor Valley nutrition services coordinator Julianne Aranda explains that “what we eat not only affects us physically, but it affects our mental attitude, our aggressiveness and our ability to make good decisions”. In interview after interview it was clear that the NEWSTART program staff was in agreement that the mind and body must be cleaned up in order for the inmates to achieve positive behavioral changes.

Initially, although the State of California was very supportive of the NEWSTART concept, they told Moorland they didn’t believe that even five inmates (of the 500) would accept that kind of a diet. In fact, they told Moorland that inmates would probably “burn the place down before they became vegetarians”. However, once the program was in progress, the opposite became true. On average, 85% of the inmates chose the NEWSTART side while only 15% chose the CDC program.

The remarkable behavioral changes could even be seen outside in the prison yard where according to prison officials, nobody “owned” or controlled the yard. Typical lines drawn between blacks, whites, hispanics, gang members and other groups were non existent. On the NEWSTART side, everyone played basketball together and had great fellowship. The CDC side of the house had the same racial divisions experienced at any other prison.

In testimonials, inmates assert that the surprisingly good-tasting food led them to feel better, have greater energy, increased stamina and reduced problems with acne. Indeed the effectiveness of a vegan vegetarian diet in rehabilitation has been scientifically validated.

Although the State of California apparently preferred to pursue phone revenue over rehabilitated inmates, the success of the Victor Valley facility gives us something to think about. Could this kind of a diet help us in raising our children?


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