In Loving Memory of Baltimore Blum

In loving memory of Baltimore Blum by Manuel C Salas

I shed tears today
It was for you Baltimore Blum
Beacause I have been there
Not with you but with others
Helped free animal friends and
Labeled by some a terrorist
For exposing the conditions
They keep our friends like you
In for only one reason
And that is to make
A profit of torturing
And oppressing. Not only are
Friends suffering we
Do too and your human mommy
Loved you I know she
Did because she put
Herself in danger
For you now if that
Is not love than
I do not know
What love is. I’m glad
You were rescued and
Given a loving home
We will miss you.

It’s crazy how things come to me, but reading about Baltimore got me thinking after reading the story about him and my sister going to court for the animals, why would the government try and make us into something we are not. Terrorist with a federal act.
If 1) they were not getting some kind of profit off the torture of the animals we try and sometimes do set free, or 2) they do not want the companies to stop supporting the policial ways, or 3) they know what’s going on and want people to keep getting sick by the food,s and to keep medical costs high and people in need of them, do your homework and you will know why. Not one time in any of my acts of activism have I hurt anyone human or any animal, the same with other activists I know, but still they try to use the T word on us and hide true facts of terrorism by companies and other people that oppress the animals and get away with it because they are helpin the government to make money

What is it going to take for people to see what’s going on? There are hundres of exposees there is no reason why people should still allow themselves to be blind to the facts of injustices. Is life worth living if we are only lifving a life supporting mass torture and injustices for profe? Is life worth living if you know the facts and then turn a blind eye to them because you would rather not give up what was told to you as a lie. Yes it’s true, we do not need animal products to survive. Do your homework and you will know this. I write about this all the time, an so have others.

Love to you Baltimore Blum know lots of people loved you and still love you and fight hard for changes in the injustice.

With love from all my heart,

Manuel C salas
Animal Rights Activist & Founder of NARAN

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One thought on “In Loving Memory of Baltimore Blum

  1. KG says:

    I received your letter in response to mine(thank you!)and I will respond soon; including that pic of the sunrise over the mountain across from us. :)
    I found your blog and saw your beautiful tribute to Baltimore Blum. I don’t remember if I told you in my letter, but I live at VINE Sanctuary; where Baltimore Blum lived after being rescued.
    Anyway-very nice tribute to BB, and I will write back soon!

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